Services / Capabilities

 EastWest Media offers multi-level public relations services representing musicians, talent, labels and related brands in arts and entertainment.

Media Relations and Campaign Development

We foster relationships with the media and develop comprehensive PR campaigns tailored to your brand, ensuring effective promotion and visibility.

Entertainment Marketing

Leverage our expertise in the entertainment industry to create dynamic and successful marketing strategies that engage your target audience and drive growth.

Strategic Partnerships

We identify and connect with potential partners that can help expand your brand’s reach, generating new opportunities for collaboration and business development.

Special Events Publicity and Consulting

From pre-event buzz to post-event coverage, we handle all aspects of publicity for special events, while also providing expert guidance to maximize the event’s impact.

Social Media Marketing and Consulting

We design powerful social media campaigns, utilizing trending platforms to increase your online presence and brand engagement.

Content Creation

We produce high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your audience, effectively communicating your message and values.

Award Campaigns

Our dedicated team will strategically navigate award season, positioning your brand or artist for recognition and ensuring all campaign requirements are met.

Press Release Campaigns

We generate press releases that effectively communicate your news and updates, ensuring wide distribution and maximizing media pick-ups.

Indie Artist Consulting/Marketing

We provide expert consulting services for independent artists, guiding them in assembling an efficient marketing team and crafting strategies to propel their career forward.